Alleged Riot at Pride sparks perceptions of Excessive Force

The news, as it began circulating this morning.

The news, as it has developed. (and more)

The Office of Municipal Investigations has been directed to investigate the incident. The officer involved is being reassigned off the streetsat least temporarily. The Mayor intends about aone-month time frame for getting to the bottom of it. (MORE)

The next CPRB meeting is Tuesday the 24th.

Seems too early to determine the order of events in this donnybrook, but there had to have been security cameras and eyewitnesses aplenty.

2 thoughts on “Alleged Riot at Pride sparks perceptions of Excessive Force

    1. Bram Reichbaumbramr101 Post author

      Thanks, Dan. [Thanks, tumbleweeds.] I experienced editorial stress over whether to second-guess myself and swap that one into the headline… but the officer complained of actionably riotous adversity, yes?


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