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  1. Helen Gerhardt

    Wow, that “Manifesto for Smart Citizens” you linked to here is awesome, Bram.

    I definitely need to get more committed to this particular point in my own work:

    “Unremittingly share their knowledge and their learning, because they know this is where true value comes from.”

    Our first PPT Troy Hill Chapter meeting had 15 highly engaged, energetic participants, of a range of ages, most public transit dependent, all working people or retired elders, many who had grown up in the neighborhood, many of them leaders or members of various community organizations. Only four of those fifteen people had an email account.

    We have 24 people signed up for the first Hill District chapter meeting tomorrow – again, a range of ages, all working people or elders – seven of them have emails.

    Many of these PPT members, from two very different Hills, have lots of information, organizational experience, and complementary expertise to share. Many have expressed the wish to cross the digital divide.

    Our current educational system is teaching to tests, rather than training students in the civic and technological skills of engagement with democratic and community organizing processes. Internet access and software packages are expensive for people who work long hours for low wages and yet struggle to pay for their monthly bus pass.

    Your linking to this article makes me more determined than ever to provide more training in the basic computer and social media skills that they want to learn, and to share access to free open source software. I've started to do this, but we need to get more systematic.

    Thanks, Bram.


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