Budget ’13: Serene and Satisfied

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It’s almost too exquisitely quiet.

With little discussion, Pittsburgh City Council today gave preliminary approval to the city’s 2013 operating and capital budgets. (P-G, Joe Smydo; see also Trib, Bob Bauder)


So parking, pensions, development and vision aside, we of the many tribes are all agreed: this is a good game plan for running the City for the next year. Good!

We should thank Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, his Finance Department, the Harris Council and the ICA in that order if we seek to be perfectly appropriate. Yes? And the Controller. And labor leaders. Even the pension fund managers this year, who reportedly achieved about 12% returns!

And the Framers, and Providence.

The degree of unity is heartwarming. Onward into Fiscal Year 2013, Pittsburgh! Woo! Bugger your budget holes!

AND STAY TUNED:  For more on that riverfront situation.

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