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We’re TELLING you …


The Washington Post.

Comedy Central Indecider.


We at the Comet respect the authoritah of Comedy Central. So we pass along this rumor, now with alleged-multiple-blind-sourcing, from their blog:

Vice President Cheney is stepping down. Condoleeza Rice is stepping up. And so, she is weighing a presidential bid in 2008 after all.

Comedy Central’s blog previously broke the Rumsfeld resignation, and they sound deadly serious about this one.

You heard it there, first. Because of us.

Public Safety Alert!!!

Vice President Dick Cheney will be hunting this morning at the Rolling Rock Club in Ligonier Township.

“During a 2003 trip to Rolling Rock, he bagged more than 70 pheasants and mallard ducks” reports the Trib, putting him in an elite class of legendary huntsmen including Orion and Gilgamesh.

The Vice President has no public events scheduled. He will meet only with “unidentified hunting companions,” meaning the Comet will buy a beer for anyone who can “out” one of these brave souls.