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Matt H Blogging

It is with great joy and some tiny amount of pride that we get to provide you with this LINK.

We wonder, did he have to get special permission to do this? Because Master Luke put the kibosh on Councilman Jim Motznik’s blog toot sweet.

Mayor Gives Back

“In 2006, we had the occasion of losing nine individuals, nine lives, in fire deaths” said Mayor Ravenstahl, in a story by the P-G’s Rich Lord. Giving away smoke detectors is part of an effort “to make this city the safest in America.”

Not only is the Mayor giving away 1,000 smoke detectors, he is personally taking charge. Lord leads his piece with the tale of Elizabeth Hogue, of Elliot, who recently suffered an oven fire. Although the 79-year old put out the fire with a small extinguisher, the Mayor himself dropped by days later to install a new detector.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” she gushed.

Mr. Peduto has taken steps to mandate smoke-detector checks in certain apartment units, so this may be a way for the Mayor to one-up his rival …

Wait a minute.

Elizabeth Hogue, of Ellliot. Hogue. Hogue. Of Elliot.

Matt H!!!! The relative with whom, if memory serves and our case-files are correct, he still lives! Mayor Ravenstahl dropped by to hand out free swag for his loneliest, and most prolific, e-spin-doctor! And used the occasion to generate some good press!

Thanks to the very alert Comet reader who tipped us off. Note to Maria, the Adm., et all: check your own smoke detectors and batteries. Help may not be forthcoming.

Matt H Exposed

Infamous pro-Ravenstahl web presence “Matt H” has been exposed in the comments section of the local weblog The People’s Republic of Pittsburgh. Matthew Hogue, 22, is an employee of the Pittsburgh Housing Authority, and devotee of the late Mayor Bob O’Connor. LINK

The Republic‘s author, who himself goes by the alias Admiral Richmond K. Turner, expressed regret that the “outing” took place in his own civil, dignified web space. We at the Comet seriously considered whether or not further amplification was appropriate.

We decided that by engaging so energetically, for so many months, in what can only be described as a blatant public relations campaign in support of Mayor Ravenstahl, Matt H went out of his way to make himself a public figure concerned with public business, thereby meriting public scrutiny.

Hogue is also a city employee, who until four days ago would have served under the controversial former chairman of the housing authority, Dennis Regan.

Matt H’s identity was uncovered by another frequent blurghosphere commenter, Smittyfromtheflats. The first evidence to surface was a September P-G column by Tony Norman, in which a Matt Hogue lovingly recalled the recently deceased Mayor O’Connor. Matt H denied any connection.

Then Smitty produced an archival Burgh Blog post in which Yarone Zober, who had just stepped down as Deputy Mayor to become new mayor Ravenstahl’s chief of staff, acknowledged praise by Matt “Logue.” Matt himself corrected Mr. Zober, revealing himself.

But this was long before he became a local phenomenon, renowned for his prickly and sometimes offensive baiting of blog readers supportive instead of Bill Peduto.

Matt H’s Myspace profile has also surfaced. The page has since been made inaccesable to all but the owner’s approved contacts, yet screenshots have been captured as images by Dean, another blog commenter.

The Comet would like to close with the words of Matt H’s virtual bounty hunter, Smittyfromtheflats:

Matt from now on your “hands off”…i respect the fact that at 16 you became a political soldier,got yourself a job via Bob o,and continue to be loyal…congrats