Chester Gets into the Big Leagues

The old Taylor, Smith & Taylor pottery plant is that much closer to fading into history, public processes permitting.

“I don’t want to call it a ground breaking,” said Ford. “It’s the first time I’ve ever had plaques put on sledgehammers instead of shovels.” (East Liverpool Review, Kate Everly)

No word yet what will take its place. Despite costly complications arising from dreaded asbestos, the mission is to see the site “flat by fall“. With close proximity to what will be the Monaca Cracker, however, people now seem triply positive that something productive will arise. The Rock Springs Riverfront Redevelopment Committee has sprung up to provide community input.

UPDATE: Governor Tomblin on hand today; demolition to occur “this week” (WTOV)

UPDATE II: Such a rare, beautiful sound when everybody is reading from the same hymnal (ELR, Kate Everly)

Cleveburgh is getting real.

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