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  1. monk

    Stupid Me!

    Been reading news papers and watching news via airwaves as opposed to cable. Started out with concern in Korean Peninsula. Has since moved to Tunisia and more recently Egypt. The dissatisfaction with politicians abroad and at home …Teabag Party.

    In Egypt current discourse is a result of technology: Face book, twitter and lack of historical perspective yields to purpose only based in ability to ’Push Buttons’.

    Reality in today’s world is measured in pixels….

    Locally, same deal. The pension plan approved by Council was a misguided “touchy feely’ , effort by those that text. Not thought out: instead thought only how to move agenda in support of opposition!

    Cause you tweet and twitter, does not equate with progresses. Foolish people wield weapons with idle hands.


  2. monk

    Needless to say I am amused by local events:

    State Auditor General Jack Wagner recently released a report claiming that it makes no sense to incarcerate non-violent offenders. And yet back in they day when he had Mayoral aspirations he placed in yards: signs saying give criminals,… jewelry, ‘handcuffs”!

    Why hasn’t Jack mentioned, that over population of prisons is drug related? Why hasn’t he been an advocate for jobs for disenfranchised? And, a member of NORMAL? Could it be that Obama supporter and niece…Chelsea Wagner is progressive.

    On Pensions. Dowd, now wants to revisit Mayor Luke’s plan to divest ownership of underperforming parking lots owned by Authority. Why he asks are City Residents subsidizing suburbanite SUV’s?

    Councilwomen Smith now is asking why Police Department has low moral? Councilman Shields has to wander why, if job performance was consideration for reelection…Corry O’Conner is heir apparent.

    It is the same old bullshit….

    It is, what it is…


  3. monk

    But, its not to late for the Burgh….

    Nothing precludes City Officials from selling Parking Facilities. We should give Dowd opportunity for redemption.

    And we should hold feet to fire, those owned by Jack Wagner,: Marijuana Legalization without excuse, medical or otherwise. Same justification that ex-Governor Rendell used to justify tax on poor while pontificating on 60 Minutes. Gambling is going to happen regardless, tax it!

    We should eliminate all laws that are written using racial, gender, sexual preference and replace with
    ‘We The People’. Eliminate hate crime legislation. Give men equality in all courts currently ruled by women…Family Courts. Acknowledge, attributes by dads…end male suffrage at hands of feminine oppression. Acknowledge that female population of prisons grows exponentially.

    Call on State Auditor General Jack Wagner to shed clothes of deception when he alludes to current prison overpopulation calculation.

    It was reported that Pennsylvania Prisons are better equipped to handle female inmates than most States .

    Can get real ugly real quick!


  4. monk

    Seems as though I have the floor…

    Been floored, before…

    “So, Mister Charlie

    …Won’t have no place to stay?”

    WYEP 91.3

    Love it….

    Soul Night!

    'Bumble Bee Slim': bottle of booze and cigerrete in mouth (sigh)

    'Muddy Waters', playing….


  5. monk

    History of nuclear war. When I was young, in third grade or so (60’s) I heard my parents in hushed voices speak of ‘the bomb’. Cold War raged, Kennedy was assassinated…

    Bombs, were inconsequential, propaganda paramount . Castro bluffed as did Khrushchev…

    Fact is, US could not deliver ordinance…

    I remind , only as peacekeeper and given news reports about stolen secrets. Fact is China got nada.

    Wikileaks, yields what we want.

    I can neither confirm nor deny nuclear presence upon my ship! Party Line, for enlisted. 1974.


    What appears as communal communication is old news!

    The Art of War.


  6. monk

    It is the Wall Street Paradigm, if you as a commoner hears “get rich tip”…it’s to late.

    Wikileaks, same deal…

    Can you say noose? Military confident was rouse…

    Ancillary info, was collateral carnage upon reputation. Blackmail!

    You read it and yet you doubt authenticity.

    Queer looking dude given, rich man sanctuary.

    Tweet, twitter an asshole!

    Julian Assange.


  7. Bram Reichbaum

    1. I could be wrong, Monk, but I get the impression that neither Shieldsy nor Bruce are of the texting perspective. Doug enjoys his Facebook but you can tell he sits down and puts in Facebook Time.

    2. Why ISN'T J-Wags somewhere on the decriminalization-to-NORMAL spectrum? Why isn't anyone? Obama made some noises along that vector online, but it was of glacial incrementalism if at all.

    3. We need to parlay our parking garages into SOMETHING. Period. Whether we want to build a better mousetrap, well, I'm all ears for about two years, and then it's back to the auction block with the lot of them.

    4. Are you serious, you don't think we could deliver nuclear ordinance? If all else fails, we have the planes. We have the capacity for vengeance. We have no shortage of provacateurs.

    5. Let's roll in the language a little please, Monk. I don't know why, but “BS” doesn't strike me as as bad as “A-h*le” for some reason.

  8. monk

    All right Bram…language was iffy. As iffy, is…

    Haven’t yet figured out a stance on Julian Assange. Given I can walk into supermarket and purchase creature comforts that once were unknown to middle class.

    What is Julian Beef?

    It seems to me that growling is in vogue. That we chew on the hand that feeds us….

    We live in a time of immense opportunity, whose path was sowed by diplomacy.

    Don't like the way it is going, the carelessness, the ingratitude and the spiting in eyes so prevalent in a culture, that never cherished a playground.

    I’m talking about the worlds youth. With the internet comes knowledge. Those countries without supermarkets will rush the doors of ours. They want what they see on web. And they want it , NOW.

    The US Government in the past: either ignored or exploited human needs…as did all governments before them. Nothing will change in future. We as a people are now the hunted.

    There’s hell to be paid!


  9. monk

    The wants of the worlds youth are in complete contradiction to 'needs'.

    Materialistic as opposed to intrinsic….

    You love the “Dollar Menu”. Loving it…

    That your appreciation for flesh, destroys ecosystem? Your cup of Starbucks?


    Come on….cup of Starbucks cost more than a gallon of petrol provided by folks that Piss on Women.

    Embrace them (Corporations) you under-educated, ill-mannered, self grandizing… Brats!

    Bunch of enablers. Today’s youth….


  10. monk

    @ 54 years of age I find myself living a life expendency that exceeds my class. In past we died for kings…or, Country.

    A hunredrd years ago, I would already be dead. No supermarkets, no latte, no salt peter…

    Killed by jealous husband?

    Wives used to include ingredient for gunpowder, salt peter…in dishes. Rumer has it, US Military still uses…

    So, how is that repeal of 'don't ask don't tell', going?

    Imagine my joy @ my age to compare music borne of revolution (Chopin) compared to Muse?

    My opportunity… to listen to a New Age Group…so, old?

    Just say'n!


  11. monk

    To put things in perspective….

    Time and place.

    Asparagus, $1.99 per pound.

    Delmonico steak, $5.99 per pound .

    Cherry Tomatoes, $1.99 per pound

    Cherry pie….pennies.

    Beer, NASCAR Sponsor…



    'Time for you to annte-up'



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