And a merry farewell to 2014; we’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet.

We have no idea who this “Matsuda” is. But word around the campfire is that Dick Skrinjar may be in the race against Councilor Deb Gross, and Andre Young is almost certainly in the race against Councilor Ricky Burgess. Additionally, Pittsburgh has some public education problems, public transit problems and public safety problems. Economy looks nice. BREAKING: Chief McClay holds a sign up to us. UPPERDATE: And writes a post.


  1. Anonymous

    Don’t flatter yourself with a cup of kindness, this site is as mean as can be. To be called names and labels here makes me throw up in my mouth.

    1. bramr101 Post author

      I’m not sure how we struck a nerve with you, Anonymous, but it’s not unheard of. Upon further review, in a previous comment most likely to a different Anon, we used the term “xenophobic” very inexpertly and rashly regarding a Councilor. But that’s just one example. Clearly you feel ill-treated. Here then are some resources we might all do well to dwell upon…

      Name-Calling from Out of the FOG.

      Name Calling: Top Causes and Solutions by Becky A. Bailey, PhD

      How to Stop Being Mean to People from WikiHow.

      Thanks to Anons for their constructive contributions!

  2. BP

    Kudos to McLay for this stance. Effectuating change in the Bureau is going to be a tough road, but I don’t think he’ll be without allies from within or without. He will undoubtedly be playing to a national audience in this, which will have primarily good effects.

    As for 2015…here’s hoping The Comet scrutinizes the Peduto Administration as closely and independently as it did the Ravenstahl Administration. If not, we’ll have lost a very important asset to the ‘Burgh Blog scene, and other voices will need to step in.

  3. Anonymous

    anon 753, you are so right. This site is mean. They will call you names and labels and pounce on you in group.
    Bram preaches to his own. Period. There is no tolerance of anyone else. He does not allow other voices. This site is an echo chamber. Get it? Mean!

      1. Anonymous

        wow, so now this blog checks IP addresses? tracking, bullying, outing, shaming, destroying, everything that the Democratic party is about these days.

  4. Anonymous

    Head Innovator Billy and his Chief Non-Political Visionary Guy Costa sure did a heckuva job with the roads today.

  5. Brian Tucker-Hill

    My two cents. I’ve had some serious substantive clashes with Bram over various issues, and he has usually been one of the most polite respondents I can recall interacting with on the Internet.

    Other commentators here are predictably a mixed bag, and I am including myself in that observation–I wouldn’t claim to be a saint when it comes to Internet discussions.

    Overall, grading on the curve necessitated by the typical rough-and-tumble of Internet discourse (anonymous posting being a major factor in that, incidentally), I’d say this is one of the friendlier places around to have lively discussions of political and social issues. Which is a credit to the tone set by the host.


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