Have a happy and safe Independence Day, Pittsburgh!


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I’m not sure whether our movie, which Bacevich references by association, provides any satirical support for his train of thought so much as suggests an answer to the dilemma he presents. Gary’s famous speech to the U.N. would seem to recommend something in the direction of full mobilization (that is if we want to listen to Matt and Trey’s puppets).

Sometimes I think that without this film giving Americans pause, they’d have insisted upon the U.S. leaving the Iraqis and Afghans to their joss by now.

SEE ALSO: In his weekly “radio” address (LINK), POTUS insists we will get through all this like always — after accusing his partisan opposition of intransigence in opposing his liberal domestic agenda, and announcing $2 billion in new development deals in Arizona, Colorado and Indiana.

Do you feel the clash?

I’m not sure it makes sense to try and transform our energy economy, fight two wars, and assertively defend the public welfare all at the same time — but I’m not terribly sure even this president can inspire us to “truly mobilize” for successful diplomatic counterinsurgency warfare. To my imagination it’d be like, think Peace Corps on a massive scale, only eventually an IED gets you and they send in someone else. That’d be our beaches at Normandy. I’m pretty far from draft age, but I do get dispatches from OFA so along with others I could get fired up and… yeah, that’d make for an interesting presidency. Certainly historic! Or we could all stop listening to Matt and Trey’s puppets and walk away with an appropriate amount of shame. Also historic only less so. Jeez, I don’t know.

Are we beyond the point of no return? Maybe we’re an empire now, like it or not. And though our nation is a glorious 234 years old, this empire is only 9 and there’s no reason to believe it can get through anything.

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