Comet Interlude

City Council can indeed be thought of as a 3-3-3 playing field, and the Hon. Rufus Peckham* is right to name Ricky Burgess as a key player.

For our money, we bet the Reverend will swing over to the progressives with some frequency, although any given issue will be governed by its particulars. National faith movements vary. Jim Ferlo is just Jim Ferlo.

Speculation as to council prez is not interesting (although at this moment we are rooting for Doug Shields).

Forget about the scientologists, already.

The points we really want to make are: 1) people are not giving Luke enough credit, and 2) if it was really the “perfect” storm … it won’t end, will it?

Tune in on Monday morning. For the season premier. Of the Pittsburgh Comet.

* He is also the funniest man on earth.

2 thoughts on “Comet Interlude

  1. Shawn

    Since we’re using the “perfect storm” analogy, I think it is important to give some meterological background on that……Judging from the impacts of Hurricane Sable and the Nor’Easter that wreacked havoc on the Eastern Seaboard as seen from the George Clooney movie, the storm lasted until the weather imbalances re-stablized.So I guess it is safe to assume if we are going to say the storm shall continue that the imbalanced political landscape will remain unbalanced for a spell.


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