Council Delays Vote on Domestic Abuse Policy

Mr. Ravenstahl said he wants the city and women’s advocates to “come together with a comprehensive plan, but I know we have discussed the issue internally about police officers having to relinquish their weapons in the event that they’ve been involved in a domestic altercation.”


The mayor & his administration did not want action on this issue until after the election. Today they got their wish. I guess that dragging your feet & refusing to act have their rewards, but not for the people of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Women’s Blogging Society

The delay comes after a flurry of e-mails to council reflecting a split among women’s advocates about how to proceed. Several groups concerned with women’s rights generally have advocated an immediate vote before Tuesday’s general election, while some organizations which help battered women urged lengthier talks with the administration.

… also, Post-Gazette

Divide et imperia


3 thoughts on “Council Delays Vote on Domestic Abuse Policy

  1. Mark Rauterkus

    I think I posted something here, in one of these threads, about what I’d do with the legislation, its delay and who’s to blame. I can’t find it.“Put the pedal to the medal and go straight ahead.”Something too about scolding Koch, wrongly. ???


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