Dan Onorato: In the News

County chief Dan Onorato says RAD money is “off the table” to help the Port Authority (P-G). This will be a relief to some cultural and arts organizations who depend on these funds.

Meanwhile, the P-G editorial board delivers one hell of an endorsement for Onorato’s reelection.

Not only do they dismiss his opponent Rick Swartz as a well-intentioned lightweight, but they hail Onorato as a capable leader who knows when to build community consensus, when to hammer out back-room deals, and when to go it alone.

Still not convinced? There is a debate tonight at the Grace Memorial Presbyterian Church in the Hill District from 6 to 7 PM. Call 412-758-7898.

Speaking of community consensus and/or/if/but back-room deals, we caught Dan Onorato on WQED’s OnQ a few nights ago. He was joined by the Rev. Johnny Monroe and Marimba Milliones, and it was just fascinating.

A lot seems to hinge on development outside a certain key 28 blocks of real estate — and whether or not Mayor Ravenstahl and the Sports & Exhibition Authority are going to be on board with that.

The Rev. Monroe was extremely frank about his community getting “a piece of the action.” Onorato fully supported that sentiment, comparing it to what he did for the North Side as a councilman during stadium development. Reflecting on the Civic Arena, Onorato said, “You don’t often get a second bite at the apple … we can actually do this right this time.”

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