Dave Fawcett: Changing Teams

Our mystery politician referred to in the last post is Dave Fawcett, former Republican at-large member of County Council. Described as a moderate Republican, or even a liberal Republican, but certainly a lifelong Republican, Fawcett switched registrations to Democrat an hour ago.

At a small press conference at the Allegheny County Dept. of Elections, Fawcett said that we have three great candidates for president to choose from. However,

“In my mind there’s only one who’s truly non-divisive, who can bring unity, and who can — who is proving themselves to be a true statesman, and that’s Barack Obama.”

Without mentioning any specific instances during the campaign (though he was given the opportunity), he repeated several times his statement about being non-divisive, and about unifying the country.

When asked rather aggressively and repeatedly by one reporter how he can explain his support for someone with ties to the Rev. Wright who has been photographed with Louis Farrakhan, Fawcett could only laugh it off. “I’m not voting for the Rev. Wright, I’m voting for Barack Obama.” He went on to say that he found Obama’s speech addressing the whole subject very impressive.

In answers to other questions, Fawcett confirms that he is now a Democrat for life, and that he is not running any election interference on behalf of Rush Limbaugh or other Republicans. “Nobody who knows me would think that of me,” he said.

3 thoughts on “Dave Fawcett: Changing Teams

  1. Anonymous

    Dave is a good guy and I respect his opinion as he tried to help me out one time. I only wish he was on council rather than the current crop of lunatics. He is missed on council.

  2. Jason

    “If anyone chooses to vote for me, they are buying my views. I am not buying theirs.”Ronald ReaganThis quote has been flying around the libertarian sites lately

  3. Mark Rauterkus

    David’s defection is nothing to sneeze at. His prediction of being a “D” for LIFE is. Dave helped a tiny bit in the struggle with the electronic voting machines. But, we have crap. Dave helped a tiny bit in the struggle to reclaim the rivers’ edge for parks and recreation. But, we are still a long, long way from a new regional park. And, the parks we do have are frail like never before.Dave was the ‘at large’ R in the county. The Rs have never been weaker. It is interesting being a ‘third party’ (Libertarian) when the 2nd party is broken.


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