District 9 = BURGESS

We are blogging live from the Burgess campaign party at the Homewood Colosseum — an ACDC affair! Jim Ferlo is in attendance. So are some very happy Ricky Burgess staffers.

Burgess won Garfield, they won the 12th ward, they believe they pulled 51% in the 14th ward, and all that remains is the tale of the tape in 13 – Kirkland country. Burgess staffers look an awful lot like the Kraus staffers did a couple hours ago … when they knew they were up big, but were afraid to jinx themselves.

We’re not. It’s Ricky.

6 thoughts on “District 9 = BURGESS

  1. Anonymous

    i thought that the 13th ward was homewood, were Burgess had most of his support and the 12th ward was where Kirkland’s base was?

  2. Anonymous

    aren’t you the little political hack…supporting kirkland during the campaign..she speaks so…how did you say it “eloquence” and then you stated that Slick Rick “came across as soft-spoken and moderate; this obviously served him well among the party committee, but it may not be what the rank and file is looking for.” And.. now you are at the Burgess headquarters….guess Kirkland didn’t get enough votes to impress you and you snaked to the other side. Typical Pgh politics HUH

  3. Bram Reichbaum

    I was clearly mistaken back when I said Burgess’s tone might not go over well with the rank and file; he ended up winning over 50% of the vote in an 8-person field, and won 52 out of 54 precincts.I’m assuming that you are Judith Ginyard, or someone very close to her. I’m sorry you’ve taken such a dislike to my blog, or to my coverage of district 9. However, I truly can’t think of anything I need to apologize for; I am allowed to say nice things about candidates when I am so moved, and I admit that I am finding such unity coming out of district 9 to be a very hopeful sign.However, I’m not such a naif as to think that everyone’s just going to live happily ever after. Now that you are in the habit of reading the blogs and leaving comments, I would encourage you to keep doing so under your own name (or a recognizable pseudonym), or better yet, start a blog yourself. We’ll need independent, critical voices coming out of D-9 to keep Burgess honest and on-task in the coming years.

  4. Anonymous

    Reagrding the comment from May 16, 2007 6:04 PM :I really am upset about the assumption that it was I who made the comment. I, Judith Ginyard, would never stoop so low as to call you or anyone else a “political hack”. My only comment regarding the race would be that hopfully the people decided and not the “machine”.As far someone close to me I can’t and neither should you imply that I would be responsible for their views. I am and will continue to be a very respectful, honest and ethical person. My genuine concern is for the people of the district. I invite you to contact me so that we can speak personally. Maybe a personl converstaion between the both of us will result in a mutual understanding of each other and at the very least a mutual respect for each others opinions.


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