Docs say Insurers Shouldn’t War On Providers


“We’re hearing it from our patients: ‘What happens if I can’t go to a UPMC facility? Or what if insurance won’t cover a visit to the doctor who has been seeing me for 29 years?’ (P-G, Steve Twedt)

Congratulations, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center aka UPMC. You’ve found a way to turn all the Hillarycare, Obamacare and socialized medicine ghost stories into a horrid reality.

Now to change things sensibly. How?

Remember the old Glass-Steagall Act, separating investment banks and depository banks? Maybe we need something similar to ward off malignancy in these insurer-provider combines.

Remember Act 55, the old Institutions of Purely Public Charity Act? Maybe we’ll be asking that one day, or at least rereading it and tinkering with the fine print. If the dominant players in health care are intent on conducting their business operations more like corporate sharks and racketeers than humanitarians, we might as well buy some public safety vehicles and educate some children.


ARCHIVAL: A 2007 state Senate subcommittee hearing on Act 55 was liveblogged here and here.

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