Don’t Forget to Vote

I didn’t almost forget to vote, but I definitely almost forgot that Election Day usually means something in regards to this web area.

Here are some endorsements by Infininymous to get you through the ordeal. Here is Early Returns which usually kicks in with burgh-centric elections returns and news-tinis.

There will also be no customary results heraldry this evening, as I believe I will be playing Jenga or Balderdash or Scattergories or one of those. Congratulations to all winners including Rich Fitzgerald, Chelsa Wagner, Stephen A. Zappala Jr. and Corey O’Connor. You’ve all earned it.

Finally, you should all be aware of Don’t Just Vote — March, what looks to be another friendly scrimmage in Oakland in evening.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Vote

  1. Conservative Mountaineer

    Great. You've already congatulated a slimy politician, a gal whose only claim is her last name, a crooked DA from a crooked family and someone who, once again, has the right last name. Isn't Western PA politics a joy?

  2. Conservative Mountaineer

    Fitzgerald will be a disaster.. for the taxpayers. He will be in bed with the public-sector Unions.

    Wagner? WTF does she know about finance and accounting? Does she even know how to balance a checkbook? Doesn't matter.. the broad has the correct last name.

    Zappala. Great.. the criminal division of the Democrat party is still here (see, Zappala, SR and casinos; his Brother and the criminal nature of the Luzerne County kid's prison scandel). Think he will target Democrats who do the same thing that Orie was “alledged” to do? LMAO.

    O'Conner was a “community development representative.” WTF is that? Geez, another 20-something who couldn't wipe his *ss without instructions or a political hack instructing him how to do so (see, Ravenstahl).

  3. Conservative Mountaineer

    Fitzgerald is elected and SHAZAAM!.. a tax increase proposed 5 days after the election. Hell, even Bill (“I've tried as hard as I could..”)Clinton wasn't this quick.

    Neener, neener.. told you so. This is only the 1st shoe to drop.


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