“Doors & Windows” and the War on Abandonment

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Kennedy was asked by two listeners from Pittsburgh about the possibilities of what she called “Blight Court,” where legal issues over vacant and tax delinquent property get a hearing. She suggested such an approach was less a major bureaucratic reorganization than some coordinated effort with some judges. (PBT, Tim Schooley)

Sounds as though good old-fashioned Act 90 blight law grants us one tool… perhaps a much better one with a City Land Bank on the opposite end as necessary, with a well-selected and proscribed board, to coordinate with the community.

One of the sauciest terms in the Schooley piece is “extradition”.

Tangentially, the Comet wishes Kennedy the best among others with her new appointment southwest of the T — in this case as we call it around here BBI — and basically smooth sailing through City Council… right? Nobody said this Mayor wasn’t going to be different and exciting. Apparently the right “housekeeping”-related skills, experiences and attributes render “optics” a distraction. Inevitably this unique approach will get its due.

MORE: Schooley at 200 words into PBT paybridge.

3 thoughts on ““Doors & Windows” and the War on Abandonment

  1. MG Guy

    We’re going to have to start calling you A-bram-ham Linkin because of all the links you put in posts! Anyway, looks like Kennedy made her mistakes in Philly, and now she can learn from them in Pittsburgh. An unusual stepping stone–bigger to smaller city–but she probably needed to get out of Philly while the getting was good.


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