Education: It will take a little bit of work…

If you think that education is an important piece to readying Pittsburgh for this economy and the next, then you’ll want to read the new Null Space.

Now brood for a while.

And note that Pittsburgh is more fragmented than most, and that our last attempt to consolidate governments probably tried to bite off too much, too quickly.

Now let’s look at a School Board race in Pittsburgh proper, in District 8, which spans three rivers to encourage a majority-minority disposition:

In the May 19 primary, one of the three has cross-filed: Rosemary Moriarty, 64, of the Central North Side, who worked as a teacher and administrator for Pittsburgh Public Schools for more than 35 years. She was principal of the Miller African-Centered Academy in the Hill District when she retired in 2008.

Two other candidates are on only the Democratic ballot: Kevin L. Carter, 26, of Manchester, who is founder and CEO of the nonprofit Adonai Center for Black Males based in Downtown, and Patricia Rogers, 49, of the Mexican War Streets, who is a legislative assistant for state Rep. Jake Wheatley, D-Hill District, and a former substance abuse unit supervisor for a county Juvenile Court program.

Ms. Moriarty has two grown children who attended Pittsburgh Public Schools. The other two candidates do not have children. (P-G, Eleanor Chute)

Based on this, Moriarty clearly seems to be the most experienced, prepared and qualified candidate, and with a variety of perspectives on the school district — much like Lynda Wrenn in District 4. And she seems clever and organized for cross-filing. But in this race, the teachers union and the Democratic committee instead endorsed Carter.


1. What am I missing? Has anyone been to a District 8 candidates’ forum? Interacted one-on-one?

2. In the broader scheme of things, how much does tinkering with the composition of the PPS School Board right now matter? Or a more optimistic way to put that question: how can a Board make the most impact?

I believe progress is mostly a matter of A+ Schools and GPS Pittsburgh arriving at some matters of forceful accord, but I’m a pragmatic idealist.

MORE: Buzzwords and such.

UPDATE / FUNDING: Yeah, I suppose that’s a part of it. More P-G Chute.

UPDATE / CANDIDATE FORUM: Hosted by GPSPgh, this Wednesday at 5:30 in East Liberty for all Districts.

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