Election Day! Get out, Vote for School Board officers, too…


For the City School Board, the Pittsburgh Comet endorses WRENN, KALEIDA and CARTER. So, how can that be?

Lynda WRENN: Her opponent Kirk Burkley delivered the single most persuasive line at the all-city Candidates’ Forum I attended: that the most successful organizations have boards comprised of people of diverse experiences and skill sets. A corporate land use and bankruptcy attorney who among other things has advocated for bankruptcy at the Port Authority, we genuinely wish we could endorse Burkley to be the single relatively conservative voice on what is bound to be a pretty liberal School Board. However, with Wrenn being so exceptionally well-qualified, and with the budgetary pressures facing the School District, I would be afraid for residents of the area that a Member Burkley might “lead the way” by proposing or acquiescing to demonstrative cuts in his own community. Given that risk, there’s really no excuse to get too cute. Vote for the candidate with a background steeped in education: vote Wrenn out east.

Moira KALEIDA: We haven’t found anything wrong with her opponent, Tracy Link, either. But Kaleida is sharp, enthusiastic, very well-prepared and very clearly from Planet Bram — so it’s impossible for us not to imagine that Kaleida would be a great and kinetic asset for the District and her community to the city’s south.

Kevin L. CARTER: Carter brings an enthusiasm and a potential for organizing his community that could be a real shot in the arm and a breath of fresh air. He could turn out to be an upgrade to Mark Brentley Sr.’s brand, with a few more people skills. We also have a lot of respect for Rosemary Moriarty, but in the final analysis we judged that the School Board ought to be able to tap the Administration whenever it wants to get the perspective of School District principals and administrators; there is no special need to seat a Board Member with that perspective. Carter however seems more likely to engage new stakeholders. He’s a strong choice for the city center.


You may have noticed that all 3 of the Comet’s selections here are actually running with the endorsement of the Party organization. After the last post I published, we guess that’s a small surprise? Well, maybe the talent pool is different as regards wholly volunteer School Board seats, or else the priorities more clear or harder to dance around. Whatever it is, the Machine made admirable choices in all three of these contests. See how reasonable we are always! The Comet will save parallel concerns regarding forms of institutional political inertia at the School District for a coming post.

Now get out there, and hit those polls! It won’t be long now!

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