Ex-Police Chief Harper sentenced to 18 months; InvestigatePGH continues.

Despite moving pleas for mercy…

Harper’s attorneys have said that he met with federal investigators 10 times. Those meetings, though, do not seem to have resulted in any further prosecutions to date.While a federal grand jury heard intermittent testimony from people involved with Pittsburgh government or with former Mayor Luke Ravenstahl for about six months last year, no one has been indicted in relation to city business since Harper was charged March 22. (P-G, Rich Lord)

Reading between the lines, it sounds like prosecutors may not have been fully satisfied with Harper’s level of cooperation, although later statements made deny this.

US Attorney Hickton hosted a press conference this afternoon. He said in regard to the ongoing investigation which spun out of this one, “We are still in the evidence-gathering phase, and we have not begun to deliberate on the evidence.” He said they are working “aggressively” and “rapidly” to conclude this phase and answered little else.

If Hickton spoke with precision in twice indicating that the newer investigation is based on things learned in “March”, that might better describe the valet permits angle rather than the bodyguards’ debit cards angle.

Mayor: A sad day and a chance for rebirth… UPDATE: and also, dude jacked our stuff.

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