Faith Should Rise Resurrected, Not Witch Trials (38 Days Out, Easter Sunday)

Jesus had every opportunity not to suffer and die on that cross. Instead he chose not to forsake his faith. That’s part of what made his “sacrifice” so redemptive and inspirational.

This post is brought to you by a shameless reactionary activist judge in Amarillo, TX who’s now trying to ban abortions, and a Supreme Court which wouldn’t mind.

Some Christian and likewise traditional moralizers want to drag anyone who has become pregnant (typically women) through the passion of childbirth or stillbirth in order to provide health care to another “person” inside them, only quite without regard to their own health and against their will and beliefs.

It’s too easy to blame that absurd cruelty on cultural resentments and economic competition, or right wing political agitators stoking them.

What is known of Christ’s love is a treasure, but its vessels have roots in every sort of worldly prejudice. Like many faiths, Christianity evolved pandering to the brutal power arrangements of its ancient and medieval times. And some traditionalists haven’t been right with the world since the spread of literacy, when the Protestant Reformation opened a rift and liberal democracies eclipsed decently Christian monarchies. What some seek to conserve under a cloak of “Christianity” is really a social hierarchy racket in which ethno-culturally signified, unreformed good old boys are given the best deals and arrangements to use everyone else.

Instead of getting used so unwholesomely, people of faith authentically distressed for the “unborn” (or “wantonness”) should suffer as Christ did on the cross — abiding nations and states alongside people who snuff out sparks in their wombs safely and who cannot as easily be shamed and coerced into subjugation as helpmate, scapegoat or sacrifice. Faith and moral suffering is hard, but as Christ showed, sometimes the only decent way out is through it.

Suffer in pursuit of more liberated, reformed and “reawakened” conceptions of Christ’s and others’ teachings than are common, and preach your testimony. You’ll preserve much, save many, and crucify many fewer.

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