Fantastic Voyage

P-G columnist Brian O’Neill wistfully recalls an accidental car trip he took down the East Busway, some 18 years ago. A wrong turn on Baum Blvd. resulted in a miraculously swift, strikingly beautiful, utterly stress-free trip straight to the heart of downtown.

Former County Chief Jim Roddey has been enjoying personal busway privileges since he stepped out of office, but that perk was just recently stripped away. O’Neill used the occasion to beg Roddey into taking him along for one last glorious ride, for auld lang syne.

Editorial Aside: If it means that much to you, Brian — all together now — RIDE THE FRiKKiNG BUS!!!!!

One thought on “Fantastic Voyage

  1. dayvoe

    I actually SAW Roddey drive up the Busway once. It was a shock. The only vehicles usually allowed on the busway are (of course) buses and the various police/fire/emergency sort.Imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when I was sitting there waiting for my bus when who should be driving his CAR up the busway, but JIM RODDEY.Rank has its privileges, I guess.


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