6 thoughts on “FIVE YEARS OF THIS!

  1. Anonymous

    congrats to DanOnarato!!! He went from making 91,000 a year to about 85,000 a month at Highmark!!! Unbridled hypocrisy !!

  2. Conservative Mountaineer

    So? We get at least 4 years of a hot-head that hem-hawed about tax increases and then 'approved' tax increases a week after his election before he even took office! All because there are a lot of voters in the County who only know how to push the D butteon or are racists and wouldn't vote for Raja… a non-white.

    Here's my guess about hot-head's response when asked about the tax increase.. “It happened during the Onorato administration. I wasn't the County Executive!” [Just like Obama.. It was Bush's fault!]


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