Forget Hilllary … Biden’s on Letterman

Joe Biden was on the Today Show this morning. He was good on the war, and extremely frank on politics, as always.

Tonight, Biden is scheduled to be on David Letterman. So we know he’s at least as cool as Luke Ravenstahl.

5 thoughts on “Forget Hilllary … Biden’s on Letterman

  1. Schultz

    Good move by Biden in coming out with a book – it is about time the media started showing him some love. Thanks for the link, here is another interview from earlier today: a leader, I am really starting to like Biden. As a voter, I think money trumps experience and candor, so I think he is still going to be battling Richardson for both 4th place in the Democratic primaries in addition to the nomination for Vice President. Both men have the foreign policy experience the top three democrats are lacking and right now they are the clear choices for #2 on the Democratic ticket. Biden needs an energy plan though! I went to his site and he has the same blah blah blah about energy independence. He and the other candidates from both parties need to release specifics like the John Edwards green collar job plan.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    I went to see John Edwards. There’s nothing I don’t like about him, except maybe his slim-to-nil foreign policy experience.And this is probably not fair — he doesn’t have that Great Man vibe. Obama has it. Hillary has it (Great Woman vibe). Even Biden sort of has it. John Edwards still sounds to me like a well-meaning schmoe. If you’re gonna draw independents and moderate conservatives, you may need to sound like a Caesar.

  3. Jonathan Potts

    Sound like a caesar? George W. Bush may act like a caesar, but he sure doesn’t sound like one. Still, I get your point.Is Biden writing his own material these days? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  4. Bram Reichbaum

    He actually addressed that on Letterman. He said that was fond of this one quote from British Parliament, which he repeated frequently with attribution, but on one important occasion he forgot to give attribution.So one of his campaign opponents threw a “sharp elbow,” and he became Biden the Plagiarist for the next decade or so. That’s how he describes it.

  5. Jonathan Potts

    That’s basically how the incident is described on Wikipedia. And if you can’t trust Wikipedia, who can you trust?If the nomination is still up for grabs when Pa. holds its primary, I’ll probably end up voting for Obama–inexperience in foreign affairs and all–but I’d be comfortable with a Biden presidency.


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