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The resignation of the director of the Housing Authority is placed in better context alongside other agency departures, including that of its general counsel (P-G, Rich Lord). Additionally, demolition and reconstruction of Addison Terrace will now be sped along significantly, though at a cost unspecified (P-G, Rich Lord II).

Celebrate? The Port Authority funding deal hammered out between its workers, the State and the County looks safe for at least a year thanks to the RAD board (Trib, Zlatos & Fontaine).

You got Bill Peduto running for that mayoral office over there (P-G, Joe Smydo). In the latest iteration of the news, Michael Lamb takes a couple of digs, citing blurry campaign finance regulations (background) and the urgency of other races for the Party at this time. This should indicate to Mayor Ravenstahl it is time to start preparing for the coming election by pulling together his reclining deck chair, beach towel and tanning mirror. Der City Paper Blogh has more.

Did you notice this? Somehow it took less than 24 hours for Post-Gazette editorialists to discover that the mayor’s proposed 2013 budget (a rather large document, actually), still warm and wet from the printer, submitted to state overseers before bouncing back to Council, is workable, solid, unproblematic, smart and realistic. The ICA board itself will give themselves a whole month to pour over the thing, and then of course City leaders will spend most of the rest of the year highlighting various features buried here and there.

Behold the power of “No new taxes.”

5 thoughts on “Friday: HACP, PAT, RAD, PEDUTO, ICA

  1. Bram Reichbaum

    Enigmatic? As in, Mysterious? Dark? Deep? Complex?

    O.W.S. – Well, to be fair, this is Pittsburgh. O.P. only had a unanimous city council resolution in its favor, and the Mayor obviously told the cops to let it do whatever it wanted. And labor, of course. Everybody loved O.W.S.


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