POPULAR VOTE: Partisans Clash from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg on Election Day

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

It’s a balmy 76 degrees Fahrenheit in Pittsburgh, sunny without a cloud in the sky, humidity at 27% and the wind at one mile per hour. Maybe it’s just that it’s a little too nice and quiet out there.

If you have not voted yet, do that.

How are things looking on your end? Check back for headlines.

UPDATE: Democrats sweep all the statewide and Allegheny County judicial races. Republican Guy Reschenthaler wins the open senate seat to the south and west.

One thought on “POPULAR VOTE: Partisans Clash from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg on Election Day

  1. Latecomer

    Things that can’t be said in mixed company:

    Heather Arnet – Heard her on Essential Pgh. last night. What’s with all the uptalking, and starting sentences with “So …”? It’s especially jarring coming from such a deep, purring voice, and one that claims to be committed to setting an example for young women. Like Greta Garbo meets Valley Girl meets a foundation program manager. And why is her Pittsburgh School Board experience seemingly off the table? The fact that she reneged on her commitment to the voters and the public schools by quitting mid-term in a mad dash for the suburbs would be a deal-breaker for me, except for the fact that she’s running against a total conservative knucklehead who can’t wait to frack under South Hills Village. Lucky for her.

    PJ Murray – It is absurd and offensive that he so prominently promotes his ethnicity and marital status as qualifications for the bench. For me, the “symbol of Irish unity” thing is particularly galling (see his campaign literature with the Celtic iconography). If he wins, which will he choose when rendering legal decisions–The Irish lawyer or the Polish one? The Irish defendant or the African-American plaintiff? Yes, plenty of other judicial candidates are Irish, but they at least have the common decency to not wear it on their sleeves.


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