Hoeffel: Corbett Should Hand It Off

During a meeting with environmental activists in Pittsburgh, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Hoeffel said that Attorney General Tom Corbett has a “bad conflict” going in his dual role as the lead prosecutor overseeing continuing “Bonusgate” investigations and as candidate for the Republican nomination for Governor.

“It’s great what he’s doing — putting crooks in jail,” Hoeffel answered upon being asked whether the prosecutions are politically motivated, as some have alleged. “They ought to continue and let the chips fall where they may.”

“But he really ought to step aside from the investigations and prosecutions,” Hoeffel continued. “Hand it over to a deputy — with great fanfare.”

“He’s in a tough spot,” Hoeffel allowed. “But when on one hand you’re running for the Republican nomination, and then you’re looking at Republicans in the legislature — that’s a bad conflict. His two jobs are conflicting.”

More from Hoeffel’s conversation with Pittsburgh environmentalists later on the Pittsburgh Comet.

4 thoughts on “Hoeffel: Corbett Should Hand It Off

  1. Anonymous

    How about a round up of Hoeffel's visit to Pittsburgh this weekend? For starters, along with the environmentalists, he had meetings with Tim Stevens, the 27th Ward, the 14th Ward Club, and attended a Lambda dinner. He seems to have a good shot at the nomination, with a strategy of building on his long-standing name recognition and base in Philly and its suburbs, while rallying progressive pockets–in both senses of the word–around the state.

  2. Anonymous

    I met Joe Hoeffel this weekend and he is very strong. He's clearly the smartest guy in the race and your choice if you want a progressive in the Governor's office. I expect that he'll do very well out here, especially if Onorato and Wagner split the vote.


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