I Suck at Life: The Early Works of H.R.C.

P-G columnist Tony Norman was as charmed as oursevles by recently revealed college-age letters of Hillary Rodham Clinton. (NYT, Mark Liebovich)

Anyone who still does not realize exactly who we are in the process of electing President, doesn’t have a very good imagination.

“Since Xmas vacation, I’ve gone through three and a half metamorphoses and am beginning to feel as though there is a smorgasbord of personalities spread before me … So far, I’ve used alienated academic, involved pseudo-hippie, educational and social reformer and one-half of withdrawn simplicity.”

“Sunday was lethargic from the beginning as I wallowed in a morass of general and specific dislike and pity for most people but me especially,”

“Can you be a misanthrope and still love or enjoy some individuals? How about a compassionate misanthrope?”

That’s right. It’s Winona Ryder from Heathers.

Unfortunately for us, she makes only the briefest mention of having “met a boy from Dartmouth and spent a Saturday night in Hanover.”

Note to Tony: We all know why Clinton voted for the war, along with so many other good Democrats. She was no hero, but we understand the circumstances of the time.

Hopefully we’ve all learned something about “presenting a united front at the U.N. Security Council.”

If she prefers not to revisit the initial authorization for the war, and if she focuses only on the continued lying and bungling at hand, so be it. We’re over it.

Second Note: We see now that wasn’t really your point, but whatever. When you have an opponent like Barack Obama the ropes, you keep hitting him.

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