Impeachment is Going to Happen

We were surprised to learn (h/t 2PJs) how quickly the impeachment train is building steam.

But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Rallying the troops against Al-Qaeda in Iraq and everywhere else, President Bush determines that significant numbers of U.S. forces must continue battling insurgents and establishing security straight through most of 2009. (NPR)

In other words, he is determined to make it as hard as possible for us to ever leave.

In a sideshow, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lied to Congress so widely, so transparently, and so spontaneously that an independent prosecutor will soon get to work. (NPR)

No way America tolerates this.

5 thoughts on “Impeachment is Going to Happen

  1. Paul K

    I’m not sure Bram…Congress doesn’t seem to be listening to the People, and personally I think it makes more sense to impeach Darth Cheney and Gonzo than the Prez…but I don’t think that Nancy has the will to bring charges and Reid doesn’t have the cojones to prosecute.I can only hope that I’m wrong.

  2. Sean

    I agree with Paul K. The Democratic Congress needs to do something significant before the 2008 election. Maybe it’s health care or doing something about Iraq. Impeachment isn’t it though.

  3. Matt H

    This Congress doesn’t have it in them to impeach Bush.They are probably going to let him finish out his term and let him ride off.

  4. EdHeath

    The problem with impeachment is they have no grounds to go after Cheney, and of course he would be a disaster as Prez. That said, the coming showdown on executive privilege might well force something. If the White House orders the Justice department to ignore Congressional subpoenas, Congress might find itself having to act, having to pull out its biggest gun.

  5. lyn

    Tonya Payne is so hypocritical. During that same URA meeting, she claimed that she supported One Hill, but sat there and voted against them, in their faces. Go back to the records for that day, the URA board meeting for June, and you will see that she voted in favor of giving the Penguins development rights without making sure that the lease stated that they do a Community Benefits Agreement. She did this in front of many of her constituents, including Carl Redwood – who is struggling to keep One Hill together because he’s scared to address her destructive and back stabbing ways within the coalition (so I hear). No respect, poor leadership. At the URA meeting the vote ended up being 5 in favor, 0 against. Her leadership is non-existent. Why does the community have to tell her that they want a CBA, duh? Don’t you want it for your residents, Ms. Payne?


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