Interview: Davin

Davin approached me while I was surveying the scene at Schenley Plaza. After a brief talk he agreed to be interviewed before Saturday’s protest march through Oakland (see below and see Slag Heap).

4 thoughts on “Interview: Davin

  1. Anonymous

    What happened here? The President and many world leaders and financial ministers came here and everyone made it safely home. Pittsburgh will not have the unfortunate moniker of Dallas and the grassy knoll. That is a good thing.
    What occurred in DT Pittsburgh was a very eclectic march of varying factions all attempting to move their issue to the forefront. Children could have been in attendance, expressing their right to free Speech in the U.S. Sure there were many police officers and military personnel but their effect allowed the expression of free speech by everyone without the violent disruption caused by a few.
    The Issue remaining is what happened in Oakland. The tactic was clear by Anarchist's and Protesters from across this country. Infiltrate a college campus and in this instance two major Pittsburgh College campuses and begin to cause a scene. Many of the 18, 19, 20 year olds just wanted to watch the show. They had no idea that when the order to disperse came form Police that this order included them. In their own minds, they were simply watching the spectacle, and not a part of the protest. They were enveloped into a Police Action of which they had limited escape.

    What college parents and the Dean of the University of Pittsburgh need to review, is the actions that occurred from that point. The actions of Police who trapped students in area's and then ordered them to disperse, to where ? They were trapped. In addition to this when students attempted to retreat to their dorms they were followed and attempts were made by police to enter their dorms. Those are the issues that will need to be addressed.
    Overall, the police did a magnificent job, in preparation, gathering intelligence prior to the event, and suppressing violence during the event. It is well known that the majority of damage caused was caused by a select few. However, the line was pushed on the Pitt Campus and that is the area that will need to be addressed.


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