Jason Yoder Nailed It at the White House for teh Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12.

Good news, everyone!

Pittsburgh CAPA is among six schools chosen as finalists in a national competition to have President Obama speak at commencement. (Trib, Jodi Weigland)

This is all part of Race for the Top so this is POTUS Obama, not just OFA Obama. A big deal. One has to wager the administration is going to award the grand honor to a math and science school, or a perhaps a traditional all-encompassing liberal education school that is very strong in math and science — if only to send a message reassuring to investors. Still, making it all the way to the sextafinals is crazy cool.

“All the research tells us why art matters and the cognitive skills it fosters,” Pearlman said. “We see it here every single day. The ability of students to study for three to four hours what they love more than anything transfers to their academic learning.” (ibid)

It’s true. If Obama has his (or her) heart set on shining an even greater spotlight on CAPA and the arts, he could deliver a pretty compelling commencement address here. What did we do with that parking chair at 414 Grant St., can we slap a Presidential seal on it? Adaptive re-use!


2 thoughts on “Jason Yoder Nailed It at the White House for teh Pittsburgh CAPA 6-12.

  1. Bram Reichbaum

    I saw the 1st two videos. Nice work. Koche continues to present as a fine candidate — the city probably would not come crashing down (any faster) if he regains that seat. If Kraus goes very negative towards the end of the race, it'll mean he's in trouble.

    I'll put a link up again in a second.


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