Let’s Keep in Touch.

That was a lot of words yesterday.

I have three related posts forming in my head, all of which probably will come out by mid-day Monday. Oddly enough I’m going to start with the Civic Arena and then work sideways. Which reminds me, shouldn’t we be receiving word from the Planning Commission any minute now? (*-UPDATE: There it is).

A late-breaking press statement from Carl Redwood of the Hill District Consensus Group can be found HERE. I asked him for some clarification in a follow-up query, and I included his response to this in the same Google doc. I hope he doesn’t mind. Redwood offers some lateral thinking of his own.

Have a lovely holiday, everybody! “Stay tuned!”

PS … Monk won the contest. I can’t recall the question he offered for a public figure as it was in one of the many consecutive comments of his which I deleted, but the one I allowed to stand in for the set turned out to be “lucky number seven” indeed!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Keep in Touch.

  1. Anonymous

    Anon 4:59

    What are you doing for dinner!

    Bram is buying…

    Thinking I should treat someone that has put up with me.

    Rex, comes to mind given the historical correctness of Nazi move on Stalin…

    Of coarse, Bram must recuse himself…

    MH? Call the paramedics in advance…I will need gauze.

    Getting ready to go national…
    …Localy parking has become issue that only City Council has interest in.

    Korea, is going to be economic issue, for the World…forseeable future.

    'Come In Rex!'



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