*-UPDATE: By a 6-3 margin (Dowd, Harris & Shields voting no), Council passes an Amended & Revised 5-Year Recovery Plan with 30 amendments from the previous version, all of which are either crucial or meaningless depending on who you ask. Public safety labor leaders are not happy at all and the politicos aligned with them are not particularly happy either. But we have a plan and Pittsburgh will not crash into the sun, the end, unless Doug Shields sues everybody.

Follow along with my coverage via Twitter. Updates will appear in reverse-chronological order, most recent appearing on top of the screen. Keep refreshing. I’m sure @bobmayo will be providing coverage as well.

The changes that the 9 councilors are attempting to include in Pittsburgh’s 5-year Recovery Plan can be found HERE. Overnight reportage has been quite interesting: see the Trib’s Jeremy Boren and the P-G’s Rich Lord.


  1. deegazette

    Somber mood or just nine exhausted council members? Watching it on TV made me feel like a family member had just gotten a bad report from a doctor. Receivership is a bad illness, no?

  2. Mark Rauterkus

    Along the lines of an illness of a family member — we learn from Motznik that the blame for the illness comes from the bad gene pool from 3 or 4 mayors before Bob O'Connor.

    Some inheritance.

    He tried to rewrite history and gets is all wrong.

    OVERLORDS dance in the streets!

    I tweet too, BTW.

  3. MK

    It does kind of feel like the Opposite Day version of the first vote five years ago…Motznik and Payne voting for the plan, Shields voting against it.

    I have to say that Dowd (my councilman) has really disappointed me through this process. It seemed to me that all he did was grandstand and make sweeping negative statements without offering any solutions of his own – the plan (as I see it) is clearly in the best interests of the city, but Dowd won't vote for it because Luke is for it. It's so petty, and so annoying.

  4. Bram Reichbaum

    MH – Dowd was very very quiet today. Last week he did spell out his rationale, and his “solutions” it seemed would have involved levying taxes on commuters and in ways the state does not presently allow us. And I suppose he would not have minded if our Economic Development resources took a hit in the short run. I can't deny that the motivations you suggest are not present as well, but it's not like his position is devoid of logic. Our overlords have been underwhelming.

    Monk – On top of labor issues, Harris might have been particularly ticked that her Animal Control pieces did not wind up in the final package. Also, I would not rule out an “Anti-Luke” streak in her. Her political alliance with the Mayor has seemed increasingly strained and more than a little asymmetrical.

  5. Monk

    Looks like Luke will push candidate to replace Harris in future. Not that it helped Coghill…

    Northside is Luke's turf, however.

    Will be interesting to watch how Darling Darlene reacts in future: more vocal, more anti-Luke or will she get in line (to late).

    My guess she will get dumped like she was at School Board…

  6. Monk

    Hey Wizard (Bram)…'The Comet', Is Every Bit As Good As Main Stream Media In Getting Info ! To Those That Care…Probably Better!

    While not a fan of the following players…I must concede point (s).

    Joe King, sez 'Amended Act 47 Plan' deserves Public Hearing or he will sue. Sounds like my position on Alpark Terrace….

    …Public Hearing should be held…Joe and I can both sing to the wind.

    Singing is good for the soul…

    Doug Shields said, and I agree….(paraphrasing) Unfunded Pension Liability if left unaddressed will cripple the City’s ability to provide the services needed for 'survival'. Act 47 does not address specifics…I agree with the Council President.

    That being said I acknowledge Mayors Budget Director and Council's Budget Director. Kunka and Urbanic as two guys that can get it done…Act 47 sees it as well and will grant some latitude.

    Everyone now knows Pension Situation…and we are a better City for it.

    Motznik, was also correct…(Pension Situation) was caused by previous Mayors….

    Current Mayor, City Council and the Commonwealth (oxymoron) of Pennsylvania…all know it.

    The toughest part of developing a solution is defining the problem.

    Congrats to all, that pluck heads from sand.


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