Liveblogging the Big Day on Council, Pt. 1

Something like the “Council – Controller” Plan Voted Off the Island but it Didn’t Matter

– The first juicy item on the agenda is a measure authorizing the Mayor to begin negotiating with the Parking Authority the assets transfer necessary to the so-called Council-Controller plan. It fails unanimously without discussion.

– That’s it for the initial legislative session. Next up are hearings for the 2011 budget; after that will come the standing committee meeting. Council President Harris wonders that there is so little discussion this morning — “Everyone was up late last night!” Councilwoman Smith is congratulated on the birth of her grandson Michael, and the session is adjourned.

The revolution budget hearing will not be webcast. Foiled! Standing committee meeting scheduled for 1:30 PM.

– Councilman Peduto’s office uses this moment to send out press releases heralding a report by a task force for the Pennsylvania League of Cities and Municipalities, which identifies principal issues threatening the vitality of cities. Those problems are that they are 1) alone, 2) put upon and 3) poor.

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