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  1. Anonymous


    Nice Video!


    PS: I just recently bought a CD by Muse.

    (record exchange ss)

    Chopin, roots…revolution, redemption..Muse.

    Watched a movie a week ago.

    Valentine for a Caveman or as Rocky and Bullwinkle might surmise:

    'The Caveman's Valentine” w. Samuel L. Jackson…

    A line in the movie struck me. “we all have our Muse's”

    I mentioned Samuel L. Jackson, and never said MF. (Feel like I left him down…)

    His Muse, 'The Caveman', I'm speaking of advised…against.

    Chopin once was profane…

    Much like Episcopalians looked upon Congregationalists.

    And, now we would silence him/us…as is past.

    Salem, Mass.

  2. Anonymous

    Sacrifical Lamb (?)

    Guys chewing Lamb…2010. City Controller.


    From the “old book”: 1999

    “As I near the end of mt term as an Elected Employee Representative, serving on the Municipal Employee's Pension Fund's Board of Directors for the City Of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I thought a summary of my observations was in order. It may be of use to those, who like myself, struggle to understand the many intricacies of our Pension Plan.

    “I acknowledge that the figures and computations for the entries on August 3 &4 of 1999 contain errors, but I believe they are less than +1-1% of total sum. Addtionally, these calculations are for illustrative purposes. In know way do I state any wrongdoing on anyones part.

    “This report is in the form of a journal: I like to refer to it as my log. The following list contains the names of those who are mentioned throughout my writings, in the order that they appear:

    Mark Wolosik
    Ray Wolfgang
    Sophie Masloff
    Jack Wagner
    Tom Flaherty
    Sylvester Seels
    Geroge Jacoby
    Judge Wettick
    Judge McLean
    Allen McCloud
    Mick Jagger
    Peat Marwick
    Dick Calliguri
    Tom Murphy
    Ann Devlin
    Ronald Regean
    Jim Turner
    Joe Mistick
    Ben Hayler
    Ellean McLean
    Paul Hennigan
    Barbara Haffer
    Saul Osachy
    Art Gilkes
    Jim Ferlo
    JIm Mishinski
    John Walko
    Doug Shields
    John Smith
    Mary Smith
    Alice Ann Love (Assc. Press)
    Bob Ball
    Harry Readshaw
    Big Bird
    J. D. Salinger
    Mike Tomzack
    James Michener
    -End of Line-

    I chose to use this format as it aids my discipline….

    gary w zirkel

  3. Anonymous

    Pension Bail-out? OPTIONS!

    Lease Parking, implies City ownership. Sell Outright!

    Republican, State Representative, recently….

    … took exception to taxing Sub ’bourbon’ Nights, asked Luke to consider selling Water Plant. Tax, City-Dweller. Higher tax on life's 'blood'. Water.

    I really have to hold back and not F, anyone….

    Why not sell PNC, Heinz Field and new Igloo? Eliminate Sports And Exhibition Authority.

    Call Cuban, Mike….

    Pirate’s loose, by design. Profit margine…

    Just, saying'


  4. Anonymous

    Pension thingy…drives me bonkers.

    I agree with Bram, drinking water in private hands. City should sell water to neighboring communities. (probably State Law…prohibits)

    Plants are most efficient when they run at full capacity…(Was once Control Room Operator: Killen Station…600mw).

    We had an Asphalt Plant, once…

    MH….haha, my friend, you should indulge. Jeff Reed and parking lots…

    …still fun @ 53 years of age.

    Still like to crack a 40 in brown paper bag. One of life’s simple pleasures. The camaraderie that entails.

    Sell sporting venue, to those that can afford. And, place assets into pension fund…

    How can we tell if it makes sense, unless we look @ books. Where did the Act 205 allocation really go?

    Been running experiments…Mind-melding with cat. Akin to “Men who stare at goats'.

    Results will stun…

    Thoughts, pure of heart, move minds.


    Ps: Yinz need to get out and party, hearty!

  5. Anonymous

    From The Old Book: City Pension


    “Like a pair of ruby red slippers, the compelling argument for placing the transcripts from the City of Pittsburgh Municipal Pension Fund’s monthly Board of Directors Meetings, on the pension’s web-site, has been with us all along.”

    The ‘old book’ was written on ,old philosophy.

    Public Meetings are essential…to free speech. “the great experiment”.

    Doug Shields was biggest and most vociferous opponent….of Web-casting pension meetings. Simply because it wasn’t his idea, nor future Mayor Bob O’Conner’s.

    O’Conner was Sloth like, and Dougie caffeinated.

    Transcript(s) will acknowledge.

    Unions were against.

    My response:

    “I believe an answer to that response is based in tradition and the public’s sense of fair play.”

    ACLU in person of Vic Witold became involved…

    Vic said to me, are you ready to “weigh in”?

    I wasn’t. Choose to write, rather than right.

    Old buddy Roach, pushed envelope @ contract ratification meeting….

    Roach, is first character mention in the ‘Old Book’.

    Pulitzer Prize Winner: James Michener, lastly mentioned…

    But, I digress…


  6. Anonymous

    This Hurts; Did Hard Time, on Destroyer

    From the old book:


    “rather than pressing on with a look at pension fund revenues, I’d like to make note of my fascination with logs and charts.

    ‘one of the first things, if not the very first thing you learn in the Navy is the location of your logbook. Virtually every rating had a logbook. The helmsman’s log was on the bridge: in port, one was kept at the Quarterdeck, the Snipes had them in Boiler Room. Engine Room and Damage Control Central.

    “Course changes, arrivals and departures, equipment readiness and shaft turns, all duly noted in logbooks

    “But logbooks not only reported the everyday intricacies of running a warship: they also memorably speak of those that served and under what conditions.

    “Historically, writers have researched these logs. Hundreds of years ago, sailors would try to smell land before they were able to see land.

    “ In the log book, kept in engine room, in the month of July 1975 someone wrote (me) “I could smell Naples before I could see it”

    Mick Jagger’s lips and a caricature of the Chief Engineer are included, as is the arrival and departure of The Secretary of The Navy.

    “in the engine room, data was constantly gathered and reviewed. Readings were taken on operating equipment, tanks were sounded and bilges monitored. Strip Charts or Line Charts were seldom used, because data was reviewed immediately and corrective action taken swiftly.

    “in later years, while working in power plants that would be called straight lining, it was a goal. Water level in a boiler, goal: Horizontal line as close to mid-point of the water column as possible. Erratic swing of plus or minus two inches means to check feed pump press, check for pump cavitations. Loading generator, straight ascending line to the top. Unloading to the bottom: erratic lines are not acceptable.


    There really is a log!


  7. Anonymous

    Congregationalists….and, Politics

    Just Wandering!


    From: chee-zee@hotmail.com

    To: normac@pghmail.com


    gcollier@post-gazette.com; jsmydo@post-gazette.com; izzynormal@hotmail.com; katiezirkel@live.com;
    letters@post-gazette.com; opinion@tribweb.com; pittmeg@gmail.com;
    rlord@post-gazette.com; selena.schmidt@city.pittsburgh.pa.us; wendy.urbanic@city.pittsburgh.pa.us


    Congregationalists….and, Politics

    Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2010 18:52:05 -0400


    Funny thing I never heard of this word, until now.

    I mentioned seeing it for the first time in book titled Northwest Passage. It was written in context of social stratification and in same paragraph as was mentioned Episcopalians.

    Was watching movie about Father Damien and leaper colony: Molokai Hawaii. Father's brother was a Congregationalists….by Catholic standards.

    Are Quakers by definition, Congregationalists….

    And, if a political party, in two party system were to be indentified as Congregationalists….

    Would they be Donkeys or Elephants?

    Is term relative in today's times

    Anyone, please…

    Chee (Monk)


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