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The reorganization leaves public works with 38 people at the supervisor level or above. Some of them are in positions not funded in the city’s budget, but Mr. Victor said the city shifted money from vacant positions to cover them. (P-G, Rich Lord)

38 supervisors. The Comet is not involved with anything that’s not political … but somehow that seems like a lot.

“The City Solicitor did not have a legal basis to preclude Council from discussing or voting” on the bill, Mr. Fein wrote, nor for “threatening them with forfeiture of office.” (P-G, Rich Lord)

1. How are we going to pay Mr. Fein for his services in this regard?

2. Didn’t this little kerfuffle stem from some ca-raaaaazy situation involving a development official, a planning department, a law department and a mayor all going out of their way to act as inside agents for some advertising company, which was frustrated by previous court rulings and seeking to make end-runs around the law? Is anyone actually following up on that?

4 thoughts on “Loading, plus Appetizers…

  1. Anonymous

    many years ago political hacks were hidden from view in authority positions – now they are out in the public eye for all to see their political t-shirts

  2. Anonymous

    What’s ca-raaaazzy is that we’re still paying for Pat Ford & not for an independant attorney who works only for council.Just sayin’

  3. Bram Reichbaum

    Having punted on the simple issue of attorney fees, I cannot imagine the State Ethics Commission conducting some kind of thorough investigation into Ford’s relationship with Lamar and the extraordinary favors he has done them going back five years — not to mention the other conflicts of interests he has accrued in his official capacities.I cannot see them inserting themselves into Pittsburgh politics by informing us whether what we already know he has done is right or wrong. That is something Pittsburgh is going to have to determine for itself, like a real grown-up city.


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