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  1. Anonymous

    It always bothers me when people say stuff like this, especially about volunteers. We say we want smart and competent people in public life, but then condone treating them like trash when we don't like their decisions. The two things don't mesh. The vast majority of people that are doing just fine in the private sector with private sector jobs and families have no incentive to put themselves and their families in the line of fire. Keep it and you will continue to get the government you deserve.

  2. Anonymous

    My prediction for department heads. 80% will be filled by old pittsburghers like Doug Shields and other political appointments and 20% will come from TC. Just enough lipstick on the pig to pretty her up for the press, but everyone will still be able to see that it is a pig.

  3. Anonymous

    Let's not be naive. Many private sector folks benefit from their forays into public service–networking, name recognition, inside track to future government contracts. Linda Judson wasn't delivering Meals on Wheels, she's a lawyer who has run for judge. She knows the score and the game, so no tears please.

  4. Anonymous

    Stay tuned for the appointments and the aftermath when slots are filled by folks who “volunteered” on certain campaigns! So much for a New Pittsburgh!


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