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  1. Anonymous

    To commemorate this honor I would like to suggest Wiz write a song without vulgarity, with no mention of whores or body parts and write while not all smoked-up. Although, to be fair, he obviously was not high during the presentation.

  2. MG Guy

    So much to unpack from the PG's article:
    – What the hell is Bill thinking, comparing Dylan's, Cash's and Strummer's “issues with substances”, which played out primarily in their personal lives, to Wiz's 24/7 celebration of drug culture, which is central to his persona and success? As if folks outside the East End needed another reason to dismiss Bill. Why couldn't he just say that the city is honoring Wiz's artistic achievements and leave it at that? I'll best most voters in the black community don't go for Wiz's drug promotion either. A regrettable misstep on Bill's part, particularly given the positive front page slumlord coverage.

    And thanks so much to Scott Mervis for cluing us in to the fact that the word “DOPE” emblazoned on Wiz's cap means “cool”. Unfortunately, he failed to inform readers over the age of 80 that “cool” means “good”, or that “DOPE” also means “drugs”. But of course, there's no way that Wiz would be wearing a hat with a message that promotes drug use, right? Perish the thought!

    Also from an editorial perspective, while the two photos that accompany the online version of the story are almost charming, the PG chose to run a goofy and perhaps offensive shot of Wiz standing cheek-to-cheek with Bill and sticking his tongue way out in the hard copy that landed on folks' breakfast table. Again, not the best reflection on Bill, or Wiz for that matter.

  3. Anonymous

    Mervis repeatedly noted that Khalifa is from Pittsburgh, but failed to mention that he grew up in Hazelwood. The neighborhood figured prominently in his “Black and Yellow” video and, given how neighborhood-centric we are, the information would probably have been of interest to PG readers.

    Also curious is that Hazelwood is in O'Connor's district. Usually it's the honoree's district councilmember who sponsors what seems to be an endless stream of “Joe Blow Days” that flow from City Hall. So why Bill and not Corey?

    I don't see O'Connor in the PG's group photos either, although seven other council members are shown. Did O'Connor distance himself from Khalifa, or did he have something else going on? He did skip a council meeting in October to coach the Central Catholic golf team. His mom was ill recently too, so maybe it was a family matter.

  4. Bram Reichbaum

    Today's Council schedule: Ban the box, the 2013 budget, night time parking meter enforcement, and Buncher's Riverfront Landing at the Strip. Will I have to eat crow? Did the Mayor eke out 5 votes for the present development plans after all? It's a distinct possibility, Dowd's raft of amendments came up short in the technically legal department (you can't just go amending someone else's application…) and there could be a DH / RB / TS / DL / CO majority….


  5. Bram Reichbaum

    Basically on 12-12-12 in the City of Pittsburgh, we got a study, which says we have to overhaul our approach public safety and legal compliance in a few areas, Carson St. being one of them.

    And we increased and pushed forward a fair amount of deadline pressure in the way that we sometimes do (parking meters and Strip District). Talk amongst yourselves.


    Who is your favorite member of Council member or City government figure, and why? (Nothing wholly sarcastic, please.)

  6. Anonymous

    5-4 Buncher. Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow! Favorite is Peduto because the color of his sideburns and beard don't match the color of his hair, and he's too cool to care what you think about it- Black and Yellow!

  7. Anonymous

    I luv the picture of Willie p Sharon needles with Darlene Harris in the background. it's like BP and Darlene spawned a love child!!!

  8. Ricky Moody

    Who is your favorite member of Council member or City government figure, and why? (Nothing wholly sarcastic, please.)I'd answer, but I might be accused of a biased slant! Lol. 😉

  9. Bram Reichbaum

    Anon 7:59 – True enough, Buncher won today 5-4. It was a long meeting and although the granting the TIF will still be a continuing opportunity to exert leverage, there is no denying that developer-friendly zoning took a real, significant, hard-won step forward. Whether any public officials took any of their own steps forward today in doing so is anyone's guess.

  10. Anonymous

    I hear that Lamb's party last night was a good time and there was no major announcement. Anybody else have feedback?

  11. Anonymous

    There was some question during council elections last year which way O'Connor would go on council–Peduto and the progressive faction, as Doug did, or with the mayor. The Buncher vote helps answer that question.

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks Bram. To quote Frank Gorshin: “A man of few words, but many riddles.” Did CorEy have anything else to say publicly about the project?

  13. Bram Reichbaum

    Not from what I've yet heard. But it was a five hour hearing and I only personally caught what seemed like the first four hours. Corey held forth a little real talk during the previous pensions / parking discussion. He would like some more info — the amount of dollars and cents involved — info which Peduto says must come from the Parking Authority.

  14. Anonymous

    gotta luv an older white guy (Peduto) trying to be young and cool and making a day for a rapper wearing a hat encouraging children to smoke dope. that is what happens when you sit at a bar stool every night trying to run the City.


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