Mayor designates Chief Cam McLay

Pittsburgh’s next Police Chief will be Cameron McLay of Madison, WI, barring any major negative revelations over the next two weeks.

Mayor Bill Peduto emphasized McLay’s background as a student and teacher of community police-relations, and how he came across as heartfelt. His 35 years experience include 29 at the Madison PD, including SWAT.

Chief McLay will be busy in this City of Champions. Here are some notes on his cork-board:

City leadership has built a less diverse force over the past four years, since the ACLU sued it over a lack of diversity.

Police have now confirmed that in recent years they refused to implement a major crime-stopping strategy, despite its being touted by politicians during election times.

Police are now charging a man they mistook for someone else then shot and paralyzed during a traffic stop; that suspect is now alleging civil rights abuses. Police face yet another lawsuit for having questionably arrested someone outside of a community meeting about police-community relations. Following a violent confrontation at Pridefest, internal City investigators remain silent into their 12th week. The violent arrest by three officers of an innocent and unarmed youth continues to reverberate. And the clash in Ferguson, MO accentuates the frustration of many city-dwellers.

Finally, the Administration is in contract negotiations with the police union, and is struggling with some noticeably stubborn stains of corruption.

Welcome to Pittsburgh, Chief McLay! Or should we say, “Welcome to the jungle”. Don’t worry, we also have walkable neighborhoods and great cultural amenities, i.e. fun and games.

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3 thoughts on “Mayor designates Chief Cam McLay

    1. Anonymous

      and maybe he can ensure that by hiring another white guy we can continue the tradition of police officers beating people up and getting cleared for doing so. See PrideFest as Exhibit A in the case that Peduto is more of the same, but with a slightly better marketing arm.

      1. Bram Reichbaumbramr101 Post author

        I’d like to hear more explanation of that, but right now it’s not clear that was a “decision” mayors get to make. If the officer acted within the lines of how they were instructed by the City and by standard practices in law enforcement, then regardless of the quality of that instruction, any discipline by the City would get thrown out.

        Police reform is a long-term project. 180’s and revolutions aren’t things.

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