Only not quite, but maybe, sort of, he tried to, it’s close, we’ll see.

This is not the whole story.

FINAL UPDATE: Having counted the votes, the Council elected to acknowledge the vetoes and override the controversial ones (attorney, video software) 7-1 with Motznik in dissent. Burgess moved to sustain the Mayor’s veto of his own 5-year plan legislation for to take it back to the drawing board.

CONFIRMED: Sources say attempted vetoes were “not timely”, by a period of either two minutes or one full day, depending.

UPDATE: This is most of it. x2: This also.

THOUGHT: Council is “politicizing” this? It’s a veto, narrowly targeted against stuff Council needs to better do its job. And it’s being justified by the unit of measurement “police officers”? That’s politics.


  1. Anonymous

    So like how much did those billboards cost? Would those extra police be on the streets or driving the Mayor to concerts and all might drinking binges…. So many questions….

  2. Anonymous

    One point I would like to make, on this and on so much other subjects. Information that you read on this blog and so many others is,so many times, what the press won’t cover, and is many times covered in the blogs. Could that be the reason for the demise of some familiar blogs? I hope not. But what can be assured is that more people than (50) or a handful of city residents are reading them. They just aren’t posting. Just an FYI to those that poo poo the blog community.


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