Meachem Gone as Head of HACP

As reported:

A. Fulton Meachem Jr. is resigning as executive director of the Pittsburgh Housing Authority.

The authority announced his resignation this morning, saying Mr. Meachem has accepted a similar position in Charlotte, N.C. (P-G, Joe Smydo; see also Trib)

[BIGGER: Sat. P-G and, most interestingly: Sat. Trib. I stand by the below.]
There have been indications that this actually was a forced resignation; perhaps of the sort that is strongly forewarned while an employee with songs to sing finds work elsewhere.
Two weeks ago, a controversial contract with a private security firm utilizing constables for policing at public housing sites was terminated with Meachem stating he was “exploring” the feasibility of getting City police to do the job.
In 2008 there were accusations of misspending at the Housing Authority under Meachem, although the source of that whistle blowing has since been rendered questionable. Those accusations eventually resulted in a milquetoast audit which was held back for some time. Meachem was accused of “smearing” then-Authority chair Pat Ford to divert blame for these and other managerial concerns, though the source of these accusations also left the city in disgrace.
Director Meachem oversaw the roll-out of a Clean Slate scholarship program for Housing Authority residents, and the replacement of Addison Terrace in the Hill District. He is survived by the authority’s Chairperson, Council member Ricky Burgess.

7 thoughts on “Meachem Gone as Head of HACP

  1. Anonymous

    I smell a Burgess blow up in the wind. Keep a close eye on the pending PPS board redistricting. The Rev is not happy with the way the three-member panel is shaping up. His feelings are also being hurt where city council redistricting is concerned.

  2. Bram Reichbaum

    Redistricting of Council will add constituents to Burgess's district from some direction that will present him with at least a mild challenge.

    Redistricting of the School Board (PPS) does not directly impact him but his constituency has interests and demands there — where there is an even more challenging puzzle afoot balancing out the lopsided growth of Bill Isler's district, and the hope of maintaining three majority African-American districts. I thought it was a seven-member panel, 9:10?

  3. Anonymous

    Is anyone going to look into the PHA? Why let that guy get away? Burgess is in charge of the Authority and he should be made to answer and be removed from that position!


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