Meanwhile, many Pittsburgh African-Americans already sold on Bill Peduto

Shirley says she appreciates how deeply the Councilman from the East End gets involved with all city communities like hers’.

I bet that also has something to do with his travel outside the City of Pittsburgh. It hit me recently how many of Peduto’s policy papers include ideas he has picked up from other cities. Nice to think of a mayor who is always on the hunt for what’s working. It’s another part of making a city capable of true transformation, qualitative transformation.

State Rep. Ed Gainey has a couple of great testimonials out…

…and you have all viewed Justin Strong’s testimonial already.

That the new president of the city’s School Board, Sharene Shealey, is also on board with Peduto is another indication.

Remember, for what it’s worth, Peduto almost tripled Wagner’s showing among participants at the Black Political Convention, which utilized a whole variety of tools for evaluating the candidates. Rev. Thomas E. Smith writing for the New Pittsburgh Courier points out that black voters may have no obvious mass favorite yet, but at least Peduto showed his community notable respect.

Keystone Politics has some theories:

The Swiftboat folks went with a message that could tie all this unrelated oppo research together – that Bill’s politics are too parochial, I guess. But is that something voters actually think about Bill? Does that describe his actual record? No, it doesn’t. Bill’s got good attainable ideas for all the different neighborhoods. He cares about regional issues. Calling him a parochial politician just isn’t believable.

Here’s my prediction: the main thing Democratic voters will remember about this ad is that the “Swiftboat” people made it. The Jack Wagner shadow campaign hired a notorious Republican firm to do a nasty Republican-flavored ad hitting the guy that every progressive politician and advocacy group you like is supporting.  And one reason Democrats are going to remember that is because it feeds right into the negative message that the Peduto campaign has already developed about Wagner – that he’s too much aligned with the Republicans. Reading about the Swiftboat people’s ad in the news will reinforce Wagner’s negatives more than Peduto’s. (Jon @ KP)

Post-Gazette Early Returns confirms the anonymous anti-Peduto TV ad’s genesis with a GOP firm associated with the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth and to former US Senator Rick Santorum. And of course to Mayor Ravenstahl.

The results of this election should be interesting.

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