Merry Christmas, Pittsburgh!

In March of this year, Wired Magazine ran a cover-story by Clive Thompson, entitled The See-Through CEO.

“Get Naked and … Rule the World” proclaimed signs held by the cover model, actress Jenna Fischer.

Most newsstand shoppers overlooked the rest of the teaser:

Smart companies are sharing secrets with rivals, blogging about products in their pipeline, even admitting to their failures. The name of this new game is RADICAL TRANSPARENCY, and it’s sweeping boardrooms across the nation. Even those Office drones at Dunder Mifflin get it. So strip down and learn how to have it all by bearing it all.

[UPDATE: We found this sentence from Thompson’s piece to be a gross overstatement:

Power comes not from your Rolodex but from how many bloggers link to you – and everyone trembles before search engine rankings.

We call the article to your attention more to recommend the practice of radical transparency in general, less to puff up the power of blogs. At any rate…]

This wondrous little article is a present from all of us at the Comet, to all of you. Use it in good health, and may the Lord bless you and keep you this holiday season.

Easier than handing out Starbucks cards!

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