Merry Christmas!!!

An unprecedented virgin birth is expected sometime near Christmas for Flora, a Komodo dragon like this one at the Chester Zoo in England. Reauters. ABC News. Well, a virgin laying-and-hatching, anway. The mother is expecting as many as eight nestlings.
Meanwhile in our part of the world:
I would like to include a link to a report from the WDUQ newsroom about city councilman Jim Motznik possibly stepping up to the plate in opening negotiations between Pittsburgh and the Penguins. At this time, the Pittsburgh Comet can only get Error Code 605.
The next item on the agenda is the written opinions by the members of the state Gaming Control Board.
Ta for now. Tune in on Tuesday Morning for regular and evolving Pittsburgh Comet coverage. A very Merry Christmas to all of you, and to Don, a very warm welcome to the community.

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