Monday: State of the Yinzion

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We are assuming the Mayor’s 2012 budget address this afternoon will be livestreamed, livetweeted or otherwise made lifelike today.

11 thoughts on “Monday: State of the Yinzion

  1. Conservative Mountaineer

    From today's PG Breaking News..

    “Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl today said the next couple of years will see tens of millions of investment dollars in the city's neighborhoods.”

    And where, pray tell, does the Boy Mayor hope to find those “tens of millions”?

  2. MH

    He's going to get the money from the feds who are going to get it by levying a special tax on those who moved from the region after a long, drawn-out process of bitching and moaning.

  3. Anonymous

    Luke? Look who just got elected County Exec!
    Rich ” I'm against Property tax increase” Fitzgerald !
    Now is this guy the biggest hypocrite in the County!
    Less than a week after his election he's all for
    a tax increase. Gimme my vote back!!

  4. Anonymous

    This is my favorite quote in the story from the P-G. “If there's anything this administration needs, it's oversight,”

    That is true on so many levels.

  5. West End

    Does anyone else think it's counterproductive for a potential mayoral candidate or council member to insist that the city leadership needs oversight?

  6. Bram Reichbaum

    We could use *good* oversight, and protections that should come with oversight. Whether or not we're getting either one is a pretty open question.

    However onto the question of whether the City is in financial recovery: if last year the City required hundreds of millions of dollars to address our pensions shortfall, including a big up-front cash down payment, I don't see how anything over the last year accomplished financial recovery. I guess it depends whether “financial recovery” in terms of Act 47 applies to only certain columns on the spreadsheet.

  7. Anonymous

    Proposed budget: $467M. Proposed borrowing: $80M. That's 17% of the operating budget for a year. How is that not crazy, given the debt burden that the city has?

  8. Bram Reichbaum

    Anon 9:24 – Well, we're in a crazy situation. Large chunks of that are no one's fault, or/and the fault of no one we can still hold accountable. But it's a crazy amount of unfunded liability. And uh, the $80 million is to be spread out over *two years*, not just 2012. I guess the next question is, is there an implicit arrangement / gaurontee not to go to the well once again in 2013.


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