Monday: T-Minus Seven Days

Your transit strike may be ready in as little as one week. (P-G, Joe Grata)

KD/PG with Pat McMahon: LINK; with Steve Bland and Richard Taylor: LINK.

The Post-Gazette points us toward this trove of slowly floating data, at which one can compare Pittsburgh (by which we mean Pittsburgh and everything within a 200 mile radius) to similar regions of the country. Did you know for example that the Pittsburgh region ranks below average on local government taxes per capita? Here we were led to believe we are the most dreadfully taxed region ever, ever, ever! (PittsburghToday)

Passing unenforceable legislation is all the rage. Let’s put that willfully negligent state Legislature “on notice”, why don’t we! (P-G, Edit Board)

On why there are suddenly like four million hotel projects in development in Pittsburgh: We don’t know. (Null Space)

MEDIA ADVISORY: Today. 4:15. 1360 AM. Mark DeSantis, Chad Hermann, John McIntire, and myself. For some reason. On Renaissance Radio. (UPDATE: Or wait. Is that what a Media Advisory is? Rather, isn’t that when you are letting the media know you are going to be available to them? What is this then? SHAMELESS PLUG.)

Here is a link to the podcast immortalizing last month’s blogstravaganza. Lots of points were left on the field, but rest assured that this time if anyone tries to peddle that weak, “All the good bloggers have quit because blogging is stupid” stuff, there will be heck to pay.

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