More Endorsements

The P-G editorial board gives incumbent Darlene Harris the nod in District One, over challengers Valerie Coleman and Robin Rosemary Miller. They cited her “decades of volunteer work” and “overarching depth of knowledge about the community and its problems.”

Editorial Comment: Fair enough.

The TRIB editorial board endorses challenger Patrick Dowd for District 7, because his opponent Len Bodack “is the epitome of the ward healer.”

Comment: What?

The TRIB also endorses Randall Taylor in the race for Council District 9 because he would be “a good point-of-order councilman who would be engaged with his constituents.”

Comment: Taylor has been frequently described in recent press accounts as “not campaigning.”

2 thoughts on “More Endorsements

  1. Anonymous

    I think they meant “ward heeler.” Also, they say “alas” Dowd has hope for Pittsburgh. The Trib really doesn’t bring its A-Game when they are dealing with Democrats, who they wish were all dead anyway.

  2. Anonymous

    Re: Harris/District 1 – Gotta love the old-school / backroom deal loving PG. The only noteworthy thing she accomplished in her infamous tenure on the school board was having millions of dollars in grants revoked due to her constant hassling of certain board members and the then-superintendent. That’s right up there with charging the city $1,200 for a personal smoke-eater in a non-smoking building.


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