Municipal Conversation Widens from Squirrel Hill to Lincoln Place … and Beyond

Continuing along with the campaign announcements, Corey O’Connor has made it official:

“I have a passion for this city and I believe I can help make it a greater, even more livable place to live,” Mr. O’Connor, 26, said in an interview. “My ideas are that we need some new energy and new resources down in city hall. I believe I have a ability to get people to work together.” (P-G, James O’Toole)

He said a mouthful, there. Because…

“It was no secret that I had stated my intention to seek the magistrate seat held by Judge [Nathan] Firestone,” Mr. Shields said tonight. “I’m anxiously waiting any kind of determination from the Supreme Court. If we do not hear, I’ll run for the city council seat.” (ibid)

Just as I suspected (#ahem#). A heck of a lot of people are erasing their chalk and dry-erase boards right about now. I’m investing in sheet plastic and duct tape.

*-UPDATE: Chad Hermann takes a dim view of the endeavor right out of the gate.

10 thoughts on “Municipal Conversation Widens from Squirrel Hill to Lincoln Place … and Beyond

  1. Anonymous

    This is the bigger mouthful:

    “The councilman was the one who encouraged me to run for the seat,” [Corey] said. “When a friend gives his word and encourages me to run, I take him at his word,” he said.

    Old school mentality, immature, and a bit petulant. Biting one's tongue is a skill that comes with age.

  2. n'at

    Status quo needs new energy… and working for Doyle is an unfortunate necessity for these hmm ha moderate yokles. when will the inmigrants start running for office?

  3. MH

    They didn't even plow the main streets of Oakland. Maybe they should stop trying to plan things and go back to plowing the streets where committee members live. It seemed to work better.


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