North Side opposition

About six weeks ago, Darby Harris, writing for something called the Ascend Media Gaming Group LINK, takes us back through Pittsburgh Gaming Task Force daring to overstep its mandate by seeming to recommend the PITG / Majesty Star, in large part because it found them “cooperative and willing to work with the community.”

Then back in February, the PG’s Bill Toland LINK took the temperature of neighborhood groups toward casino incursions. Whereas Uptown and the Hill seemed atwitter with Pittsburgh Firsts, Seconds, and Thirds, “the North Side Chamber of Commerce plans to poll board members,” said board president Debbie Caplan, “while the North Side Leadership Conference is searching for a new executive director and in the midst of revamping its business plan.”

I’m not saying North Siders were ignorant of getting a casino. I’m saying they were cautiously non-exercised about the idea. Which is all you can ask if you’re a casino.

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