Onorato’s Announcement: Tuesday in Philly

See Trib, Salena Zito.

4 thoughts on “Onorato’s Announcement: Tuesday in Philly

  1. Anonymous

    If Corbett has covered dish diner…

    Consider following:


    2 lbs each – Ground Meat (cheapest, need fat) green pepper, white onion.

    Brown meat do not drain, fat will act as insulator during cooking.

    Add 4 cloves garlic thinly sliced as meat browns…

    …after browning add onions and peppers, cover.

    (use blue granite cookware)

    Mix 3 pkgs gray mix with 2 not 3 cups of water. Include brown sugar, ginger, black pepper and soy sauce (instead of salt) use shaker container with lid.

    Shake furiously…

    Once onions and peppers reach desired tenderness…increase heat to high and add sauce.

    Cook till sauce goes from opaque to clear…

    Serve on rice…

    Bon Appitete!


  2. Anonymous

    I will be backing Corbett.

    It is not out of dislike of Onarato nor Wagner…

    But, of fondness of Corbett and dislike of Rendell.

    Democratic nominee will have to tote 'Cheez Whiz'…on sleeve.

    Can't stomach such excesses…such arrogance…

    Democratic Party has forsaken white working males…

    …will not be party to decline.

    Prisons are full of young… that were indoctrinated by Obamaspeak…

    I voted for McCain and Palin…

    Reading book by McCain as I speak.

    Very much enjoyed part about Sen. McCain's Granddad 'Slew McCain'.

    GO NAVY!

    I am hoping Marty Griffins’ Intel is correct about Republican Convention being held in the Burgh…

    Unions have forsaken me… took my Alpark Home. And, yet exploit concern for little guy…

    I'll burn my Union Card along with my Voter Registration Card…

    The little guy finds himself in predicament not because of Republicans… but, because Democrats have forsaken us…

    Jim Roddey treated County workers far better than Dan Onarato…

    What will become of David Onarato once parking garages are sold?

    Maybe he can get job with Jack Wagner’s Brother, Pete, with County Department of patronage?


  3. monk

    Interesting development concerning Alpark Terrace: Pittsburgh's Oldest Mobile Home Community.

    (I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge Bram's interest in matter. Major Pittsburgh media did not cover, but The Comet did.)

    The International Union of Boilermakers Local 154 called and asked me to “surrender” title to the 'Bunker'. (trailer)

    Joe Fontana an agent for Local 154 and brother of State Sen. Wayne Fontana call for my 'surrender' as well.

    I called the City's ZBA office and asked if there was a resolution to case #109-09 in which I provided testimony on behalf of Alpark Residents/Community. Awaiting reply…

    Bram was witness to my testimony…

    Again, Bram…my thanks.

    This issue is every bit as significant as Pat Ford episode..

    All, I could do during June hearing was 'Bell The Cat'.

    Want day in Court…will not 'surrender'…to Union Thugs and Democratic Party Political Hacks.

    Trailer wasn't called 'The Bunker” for nothing!


  4. Anonymous

    “There will be no justice nor equality until the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last priest…”

    On behalf of Alpark Community..


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